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Economist Cover

February 27th, 2009 | Category: Cover art, Economist, caricature, sketches

I had the privilege to draw the cover for this week’s edition of The Economist. The cartoon involves caricatures of European leaders Angela¬†Merkel¬†of Germany, Nicholas¬†Sarkozy¬†of France, and Gordon Brown of Great Britain. The cartoon did develop quickly during the 24 hours that I had to create the piece… particularly the waiter on the left. ¬†

My first attempt in the pencil sketch had a fellow that was not instantly recognisable as a waiter. My second attempt (on the color art below) created a better waiter but he was perhaps too large and had the potential to distract from the main characters.  

You can see at the top of the post the final artwork with a diminished waiter-like character inhabiting the scene.


Diving Poll Numbers

May 31st, 2008 | Category: Economist, Finished art, sketches

This week’s Economist cartoon was a fun one. The 3 characters involved are quite different personalities and I endeavoured to capture their diverse spirits in each caricature. ¬†There were many phases of development that you can see in roughs below.


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