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NEW Cover Artwork Added to KickStarter

February 06th, 2013 | Category: Cover art, Economist, Kickstarter

Here are three new cartoons available for Purchase to the support the Daggers Drawn Kickstarter campaign.

Kal econ Halloween cover web

econ cover Oct 31, 1998 webKal econ cover Oxford library web2454-2kal econ cover world2 web
Econ cover 5-6-2000 web


KickStarter Rewards #4: Color Cover Originals

January 13th, 2013 | Category: Cover art, Economist, Kickstarter, Uncategorized

For those of you wishing to purchase an original color cover from The Economist to support the fundraising effort for Daggers Drawn… here are the covers available. Beneath each you will find a copy of the art as it appeared on the cover and the dimensions (width x height) of the original artwork. As each is sold a red SOLD will appear beneath the artwork.

kal midterm cover small web

13w x 16h inches

Midtermcover web

He, Robot copy web10 x 12

kal surf cover adjusted web


13.5 x 12.5California.Texas webkal waterfall cover final web


12 x 13.5Euro crisis webone web


15 x 10.5 Kal econ No 1 Cover webbush bandage weg

13 x 9.5

Bush Bandages cover webPandemic copy


12 x 12UKCOVERXX1.inddbirds cover rough web


12 X 12Surprise webbush bear panda


14.5 x 17bush bear panda coverKal bush senate cover web12 x 13.5


Kal econ Halloween cover web


econ cover Oct 31, 1998 webKal econ cover Oxford library web

2454-2kal econ cover world2 webEcon cover 5-6-2000 web

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Kal 35, Harvard 375

June 07th, 2012 | Category: Cover art, Finished art

Last week I attended my 35th college reunion from Harvard. It was a great affair. It was also the 375th anniversary of Harvard University. I was honored to have one of my cartoons grace the cover of commencement issue of the Harvard Gazette while I was there. The art features the iconic statue of John Harvard joining the Alumni parade (see below). If you look carefully you will see me looking on from the crowd.

Harvard gazette cover final web

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Does French Cover Translate?

January 28th, 2012 | Category: Cover art

courrier internationalMy good friends at the French weekly magazine Courrier International contacted me last week to express their interest in reproducing artwork I created for The Economist (see below) on their cover.

The only catch was… they needed to translate my text from the original English version to French. This is not a major problem except there were some English idioms in the Economist version that I am not sure translated well to French (Thatcher’s Iron Fist, for example). For any of you French speakers out there, I would be interested in hearing how well you think the artwork translated!

Right Republican cover web


Cover for The Economist

December 28th, 2011 | Category: Cover art, Economist, Finished art, Line Art

I had a busy week with The Economist. I completed the cover for the New Year edition as well as adding an editorial cartoon (see below) and an illustration about Ron Paul. Now it’s time to catch up on my sleep!

Right Republican cover web

kal econ cartoon 12-28-11 webkal lex Ron Paula web

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Economist Euro Colander cover

October 27th, 2011 | Category: Cover art, Finished art, sketches


I drew the cover for this week’s edition of The Economist. I worked closely with the cover designer in London on this one. We decided to pursue a more “graphic” version than the normally painterly style from the past. You can see the original concept drawing I submitted below. I like the simplicity an starkness of this one. I hope you do, too.

kal colander cover rough web

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Cover for The Economist

September 25th, 2011 | Category: Cover art, Economist, Finished art, Line Art


I was asked to create the cover for The Economist this week. It was a fun topic to illustrate (taxing the rich). I also had fun creating an autumnal scene… makes me want to paint more landscapes! Also this week… I drew the cartoon (below) on the current crisis in Israeli/Palestinian relations. The next day I flew to Taipei, Taiwan to address the World Congress of the International Press Institute. More on that event to come!

Kal Econ Cartoon 9-22-11a copy

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New Cover artwork

September 13th, 2011 | Category: Cover art, Uncategorized

PWYP_Piping profits_COVER_FINAL web

Here’s a recent piece of art I created for a non-profit Publish What You Pay based out of Norway. This is a cover for a report advocating transparency in international business transactions specifically in the extractive industries (oil/mineral companies). A worthy subject.

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Who’s that Model?

April 17th, 2011 | Category: Cover art, Economist

Kal models for Gorbachev

I recently discovered this old photo which conjured a fun memory.

Flash back to July 1986, The Economist commissioned me to do a cover for the magazine featuring the new and, by Soviet standards, modern new leader of the USSR Michael Gorbachev.

At the time a new television show was also the rage: Miami Vice.

I opted to create Gorby in the likeness of the hip star of the show Sonny Crockett.  But in 1986 there was no Internet and photos of Miami Vice were not readily available in Brighton, England where I lived.

So to create a good reference photo for the cover my wife and I went shopping. I picked up the outfit in the picture and posed while my wife took a Polaroid (remember those?) snapshot.

You can see the final results below of the cover I created for that week’s edition of The Economist.

No, I didn’t also buy the car.

Kal econ Streetwize gorby sm

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Two Covers, One Week

January 17th, 2011 | Category: Cover art, Economist, Finished art, News

kal rome cover 2

kal rome cover 1

I had a rather busy Wednesday last week. On that day I created two covers for The Economist.

Both are on the newsstand now. One is about guns and politics in America appearing as the cover for the US edition of the magazine, the second is on the Euro Crisis appearing on the front of the magazine in the rest of the world.

Having one artist create 2 covers in the same week may be a first for The Economist,. Just to complicate the matter, I was in Rome at the time attending an Economist related event for the international sales staff of the magazine. Members of The Economist team graciously found me a room at the hotel with some natural light for me to work (see below). You can see the finished products above.

Kal in Rome


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