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Jan 10

Kickstarter Rewards #1 BW Prints

Category: Kickstarter

ALERT! 5 NEW PRINTS ADDED 1-24-2013! For those interested in purchasing a black and white print to help support the Kickstarter campaign for the new KAL book Daggers Drawn… below are the 10 cartoons that will be available to choose for your print. Each print will come on 11 x 14 paper and signed by the artist.

kal Book! Buy! Sell! Sell! web sm

Kal econ cartoon 7-15-04 webkal econ cartoon 5-27-04webkal econ cartoon 11-4-10 webkal econ cartoon 1-24-13webKal econ Ronnie cheerleader copy

kal cartoonn 7-28-11webkal econ cartoon 1-6-10  webKal econ cartoon 11-19-09 webKal cartoon capitalism copy web

The original artwork of the above cartoon is available in the BW artwork reward level.Kal econ cartoon 5-10-12 webolympics
kal econ cartoon 7-12-12 web

Kal econ cartoon 12-19-12webstar wars


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  1. Sketchblog » Kal New Book! January 14th, 2013 2:51 pm

    [...] a special campaign to help fund the book. Fans and supporters can pre-order copies of the book, buy prints of cartoons and covers from the magazine, plus purchase one of a kind original cartoons and covers. Plus there [...]

  2. [...] all funding and no funny. “Fans and supporters can pre-order copies of the book, buy¬†prints of cartoons¬†and¬†covers¬†from the magazine, plus purchase one of a kind¬†original cartoons¬†and¬†covers.¬†And [...]

  3. David January 21st, 2013 1:05 pm

    Hi Kal how much are the cartoons?

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