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Dec 17

Jerry Robinson RIP

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Jerry and I in 1991

A few days ago, the great cartoonist, writer, colleague and friend Jerry Robinson passed away.

There have been glowing obituaries in the New York Times and elsewhere celebrating his virtues.

He had many.

He is best known by cartoon enthusiasts as an early contributor (as a teenager) to the Batman comics, most notably for his role in creating”The Joker”.

Others know Jerry for his tireless campaigning on behalf of the early creators of the Superman comics, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster who had sold their rights to the character in 1930 for $130. Largely thanks to Jerry

A long legal fight resulted in a settlement with Warner Communications, DC Comics’ corporate parent, providing the pair with annual payments for the rest of their lives and provisions for their heirs.

I knew Jerry in a different way.

I knew him as an energetic and outgoing friend bristling with compassion, curiosity and  generosity. He was a great mentor to me in my early career and I will be forever grateful for the time and advice he shared.

I feel incredibly lucky that Jerry’s and my paths crossed…and that we were able to amble alongside each other for so many years.

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