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May 14

Old caricatures of recent characters

Category: Economist, caricature

MubarakFrom time to time I have the job of scouring through past cartoons in search of a specific request. It is often an educational experience. I find forgotten images and sketches. I have published, by my count over 6000 cartoons so I guess I can be forgiven for not remembering all of them.

I recently stumbled upon these caricatures I drew in the mid 1980’s for The Economist. They feature political figures still on the international scene: Colonel Qaddafi of Libya, President Mubarak of Egypt, Fidel Castro and Bill Clinton (from the 90’s). They, of course look much younger (and I, of course have not changed at all).

Fidel webqaddafipain

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  1. Lauran Antolin March 26th, 2013 7:15 pm

    May Day is a National Communist Holiday and millions showed up in Havana to listen to Fidel Castro mirroring the illegal alien protest marchers in the United States of America, as Castro condemned the American Government. While the United States Congress and the United States Senate cave into the demands of the protesters and boycott participants. Fidel Castro the Communist Dictator of Cuba who promised government reform for the peasants, instead took over the country for himself after over throwing the government. He says he sees the start of the same movement in the United States and is so very proud of all the protestors in the United States of America on this historic May Day Communist Holiday.-

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