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Jul 30

Kal Convention Animations

Category: Animation

Kal sun 7-31-16print copy

I had the good fortune to attend the 2016 Republican and Deomcratic conventions and while there create some interesting work. I was doing some lightning sketches on my iPad Pro that I was able to upload to The Economist’s social media sites then created 1 minute animations with the help of my talented colleague Peter Winfield. You can see some below.

Kal animations

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May 3

Cartoons on Baltimore

The recent civil unrest in Baltimore has grabbed the world’s attention and saddened us here in Maryland. I have done a few recent cartoons on the problems for The Baltimore Sun and The Economist which I share below. There will undoubtably be more to come.

Kal Sun 5-3print webKal sun cartoon 4-26-15kal econ cartoon 4-29-15synd

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Feb 13

Euro Cartoon Award

Category: Uncategorized
Kal econ cartoon 10-16-14synd
I am delighted to announce that I have won the award for cartoon of the year in Europe in 2014. Here’s the press release and the winning entry:


The Grand Prix Press Cartoon Europe 2015 was won by Kevin Kallaugher (KAL) with a cartoon published in The Economist on the 18th of October 2014 . The European cartoon of the year was selected from over 400 published works from 151 cartoonists in 26 countries. The winner receives a cash prize and a bronze trophy, designed by Belgian graphical artist Ever Meulen.

A second and third prize,  go to Jean Gouders (The Netherlands) for a cartoon published in BN De Stem on the 11th of December 2014 and to Quirit (Belgium) for a
cartoon published in Gazet van Antwerpen on the 30th of December 2014.

The jury was composed by journalist from different countries:
Olivier le Bussy, Kris van Haver, Lukas de Vos from Belgium, Denis Crowley from Ireland, Mark John, Sara Lewis, Simon Frédéric from the UK assisted by Vincent Baudoux from the PCE-committee.

The awards will be handed at an official ceremony in July 2015 at the 54st International Cartoon Festival in Knokke-Heist, Belgium. All cartoons nominated for the PCE (Press Cartoon Europe) and PCB (Press Cartoon Belgium) will be shown at the exhibition of the Cartoon Festival during summer 2015.

More information:
Evi Duson
Assistant Producer PCB
+32 479 66 10 55

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Jan 31

Kal in Bermuda

Category: News

A Bermuda Journal final sm

I had a most fascinating time in the summer of 2014 as Artists-in-Residence at the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art. During my 3 month sojourn, I embarked on a quest to capture in satirical style my observations of the island. I have now posted in the portfolio section the collection of work I created while on the island. You will find some inside Bermuda jokes, but on the whole, I hope you will appreciate the gist of the narative. A limited edition set of the large cartoons have been produced by the Museum and are available for purchase. Have a read and let me know your thoughts!

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Nov 18

New Kal Animation…2nd of 5

Category: Animation

Here’s the next in the fun series of animations I created for The Economist to compliment their specialised dictionary ” Economics A-Z”. This one is about hyperinflation. Please share!

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Nov 11

New Economist Animations

Category: Animation

The Economist has commissioned me to create¬†a fun series of animated shorts to illustrate their specialized dictionary titled “Economics A-Z”. They are now up and available for people to view and share.

I created these with the help of the great local Baltimore animation studio Bully Entertainment. It is our hope these will be the first of other short films tackling complex issues with humor. You can see them here.

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Apr 8

Margaret Thatcher RIP

Kal Thatcher small

During my first ten years of my career as a cartoonist, Margaret Thatcher loomed large. I was working in the UK for a variety of daily and weekly publications and Maggie was residing in 10 Downing Street as Prime Minister of Great Britain. She seemed to be a hovering presence in my life for a decade.

I drew her just about every week. She was sharp-nosed determined character with little humor. Small in stature, Thatcher proved to be a large conservative force for change in both the the UK and the world. Her determined style won her many friends and enemies among citizens of the country and  the cartoon community.

She was a friend to cartoonists because her dogged right wing politics provided mountains of inspired scorn-filled cartoons. She was an enemy to many cartoonists because few supported her conservative agenda.

While assembling my new book Daggers Drawn: 35 Years of Kal Cartoons in The Economist I found scores of cartoons I produced about the Iron Lady over the years. I attach a handful here. If you have favorites from years past let me know and I will try to dig them out.

Kal Thatcher strong medicine copy
Thatcher arrows copyKal Iron Lady

Kal Thatcher- evolution of Iron Lady copy
Thatcher Cupid 7-12-86 copy

Thatcher election copy


Mar 30

The Cover for Daggers Drawn

Category: Daggers drawn

daggers.drawn.front.cover.FINAL webI sent my most recent book to the printers this week. It promises to be the best yet. Here’s a sneak peek at the cover artwork. I will soon have¬†the store ready to take pre-orders…STAY TUNED!

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Mar 19

Daggers Drawn Cover #1

Category: Uncategorized

My new book Daggers Drawn is nearly finished. Here you can see a rough sketch of the cover. More to come!
dd sketch web

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Mar 19

Kal Tedx Speech on Cartooning in Jackson Hole

Category: Uncategorized

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