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Road trip 2008

Leg 3: October 7 and November 1

The roadshow comes east as the Art of Satire visits Philadelphia and New Yok in pre-election style. The Philadelphia event is set for October 7 at the beautiful downtown Kimmel Center's Pearlman theater. The show promises to sell out so get your tickets early.

The show will be in NYC for two shows on Saturday, November 1. The venue is the beautifully restored Art Deco Edison Ballroom on Broadway and 47th.

For information regarding tickets and show time log onto

October 30 we will be in the heart of Manhattan for a great weekend of Economist events. more on this later.

Leg 2: June 26

Kal will once again team up with the fabulous Second City players for the stage show "Art of Satire" presented by The Economist. The show will be in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Arts Center in the downtown Mission District. For more information log onto

Road trip 2008

leg 1: April 21 and 24

The Economist of London and the Second City players of Chicago have partnered on a unique and entertaining show titled "The Art of Satire" The show was born out of a very successful collaboration between the two parties in October of 2007. Skits, improv and ''Stand-up" cartooning were featured as well as a special appearance by President George Bush.

The show was such a success that The Economist decided to take it on the road in 2008. A new series of shows are being scheduled around the US with possible venues being explored abroad. Tentative dates include San Francisco in late June, Philadelphia and New York in October and Washington DC in November.

The Economist has set up a wonderful website for the show tour. Visit for information about tickets, showtimes and other backround information.

We will posting information, photographs and press coverage of the shows here.



From the 2007 Show

KAL and Digital Dubya Makes debut with Second City

Kal teamed up with the famous improv comedy troupe Second City for a brilliant night of politics and satire at Chicago's Harris Theater on October 25. The evening featured a wide array of entertaining and engaging performances for the delighted audience.

First onstage was the cast from Second City who performed a set of their favorite political and topical skits. Next, a panel featuring Kal and two directors from Second City moderated by Chicago Public Radio host Gabriel Spitzer discussed the art of satire as practiced in cartoons and onstage. Kal then led the theater crowd in a drawing lesson. Pens were distributed and paper was handy for the audience to partake in a class in presidential caricature. Second City returned to the stage for a short set of lighting sketches to prepare the audience for the night's centerpiece- a Presidential Press conference.

The Second City team fanned out into the audience as it was announced that a special guest was being piped into the theater. On a large screen center stage the Digital Dubya made his video appearance. KAL with the help of his technical team at Digital Steamworks had created a real-time animated George Bush that was performing live. The Digital Dubya (voiced and animated by Kal and team offstage) entertained questions first from the Second City cast and later from the theater audience. The ten minute"press conference" was a comic hit.

The cast from Second City closed out the evening with one of their signature improvisational sets.

The evening was a clear success. Both The Economist and Second City are anxious to replicate the experience in other cities around the country. Stay tuned for more news and developments on this exciting project.

October 2007

Please come to this great event in Chicago


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