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Here you can find information on upcoming KAL events and appearances


March 2009

Kal will be at the University of Portland on Thursday, March 5 to deliver the introductory William James Mazzacco Memorial Lecture in Distributive Justice.

The late Mr Mazzacco was a distinguished Economist, International Diplomat and graduate of University of Portland. He served as an intelligence officer during World War II and a senior staff officer on the Marshall Plan.

The lecture takes place at the Buckley Center Auditorium (5000 N Willamette Blvd.) at the University of Portland at 7:30 p.m. The lecture is open to the public. Admission is free.

November 2008

November 1

Art of Satire

This special cooperative effort between The Economist and the Second City visits New York for two shows at the Edison Ballroom, Broadway and 47th. For more information go Here.

November 9-15

Kal will be an artist-in-residence at Duke University at the Sanford center for the study of Public Policy. During his visit he will be creating a sculpture to commemorate the 2008 campaign.

October 2008

October 2

Kal be a featured guest at an public event sponsored by The Economist in London. Campaign cartooning: How the art of satire shapes the political landscape will be held in central London at a venue and time to be announced. We will post details here as soon as possible.

October 7

Art of Satire

This special cooperative effort between The Economist and the Second City visits Philadelphia Tuesday October 7 at the Kimmel center's Pearlman theater. For more information go Here.

October 23

Kal will be a featured presenter at the annual "Cartoons and Coctails" fundraiser at the National Pres club, Washington DC

October 25

Kal will be a panelist at the Washington DC Writers center forum on 2008 Political Campaign.

September 2008

September 1-4

Kal will be at the Republican National convention contributing to the online and print versions of The Economist

September 9

Kal will be a panelist on a forum disscussion on freedom of expression at IAMAW convention in Orlando, Florida

September 12

Kal will discuss Political cartoons and campaigns at a luncheon event sponsored by the Newspaper Association of America in Washington DC.

August 2008

August 26-30

Kal will be at the Democratic National convention contributing to the online and print versions of The Economist.

July 2008

July 11

Kal addresses the regional gathering of the Puppeteers of America and UNIMA at the University of Maryland on his adventures in digital puppeteering.

July 14

Kal addresses the Foreign Correspondan's Club of Hong Kong.

July 17

Kal addresses the AYACC gathering in Guiyang, China. For more information go here.

June 2008

June 26

Kal will once again team up with the fabulous Second City players for the stage show "Art of Satire" presented by The Economist. The show will be in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Arts Center in the downtown Mission District. For more information log onto www.artofsatire.economist.com.

June 15-22

Kal will be giving lectures and holding an exhibition of his work in Baku, Azerbaijan as part of cultural visit sponsored by the US Embassy. More news later...

June 5

Kal will be the honorary host at the annual gala for The Carroll Mansion Museum of Baltimore. An exhibition of Kal's cartoons will be on display at The museum throughout the summer.


May 15, 2008

Kal will be giving a lecture and providing a booksigning to The Roland Parks Womans Club.



May 8, 2008 Washington DC

Kal will be presenting a lecture at the National Archives. (For directions see their website http://www.archives.gov/dc-metro/washington) Here are details about the lecture:

The Center for the National Archives Experience is pleased to present programs in celebration of our new exhibit, “Running for Office: Candidates, Campaigns, and the Cartoons of Clifford Berryman,” which runs through August 17 in the Lawrence F. O’Brien Gallery.

Kevin "KAL" Kallaugher
Thursday, May 8, at 7 p.m.
William G. McGowan Theater
An Evening with Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher: Moving Political Cartoons from Page to Screen
Tonight, Berryman Award–winning editorial cartoonist Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher will present an illustrated lecture tracing the evolution of political cartoons from two-dimensional print to 3D animation. Kallaugher’s work for the Baltimore Sun and the Economist has appeared in more than 100 publications worldwide. In 2007 he launched Kaltoons LLC, which pioneered the development of animated, 3D digital caricatures. Kaltoons’ first video, Dancin’ Dubya, was released on the web in August 2007. A signing of his latest collection of cartoons, KAL Draws Criticism, published in June 2006, will follow the program.










From 2007

KAL and Digital Dubya Makes debut with Second City

Kal teamed up with the famous improv comedy troupe Second City for a brilliant night of politics and satire at Chicago's Harris Theater on October 25. The evening featured a wide array of entertaining and engaging performances for the delighted audience.

First onstage was the cast from Second City who performed a set of their favorite political and topical skits. Next, a panel featuring Kal and two directors from Second City moderated by Chicago Public Radio host Gabriel Spitzer discussed the art of satire as practiced in cartoons and onstage. Kal then led the theater crowd in a drawing lesson. Pens were distributed and paper was handy for the audience to partake in a class in presidential caricature. Second City returned to the stage for a short set of lighting sketches to prepare the audience for the night's centerpiece- a Presidential Press conference.

The Second City team fanned out into the audience as it was announced that a special guest was being piped into the theater. On a large screen center stage the Digital Dubya made his video appearance. KAL with the help of his technical team at Digital Steamworks had created a real-time animated George Bush that was performing live. The Digital Dubya (voiced and animated by Kal and team offstage) entertained questions first from the Second City cast and later from the theater audience. The ten minute"press conference" was a comic hit.

The cast from Second City closed out the evening with one of their signature improvisational sets.

The evening was a clear success. Both The Economist and Second City are anxious to replicate the experience in other cities around the country. Stay tuned for more news and developments on this exciting project.

October 2007

Please come to this great event in Chicago

Title: The Art of Political Satire
7:00 – 8:30PM
Doors at 6:30PM

Blurb: The Economist’s political cartoonist, Kevin ‘Kal’ Kallaugher, teams up with artists from Chicago’s famous Second City to explore the art of political satire through cartooning and improvisational theater. Prepare for an evening of laughs with audience interaction and plenty of surprises.
Featuring: Kevin ‘Kal’ Kallaugher Political cartoonist, The Economist

Ticket information: $15 general admission or $10 for Economist Subscribers
Available at:
Harris Theater Box Office
205 East Randolph Drive In Chicago's Millennium Park

Other upcoming KAL appearances

Friday October 19, 7:30-9:00PM (Open to the Public) Washington DC


A special event at the George Washington University’s Gelman Library featuring
Lat, Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher, and Robert Russell
Co-sponsored by the Gelman Library, the GWU English Department, & the GWU Writing Program

November 8, Duke University School of Public Policy

Kal's celebrated exhibition fromThe Walters Art Museum "Mightier Than the Sword;The Satirical Pen of KAL" travels to Durham, North Carolina for an extended display at Duke. Forums and events
related to the show will be announced shortly.



Kal has launched his newest Digital Dubya version 3.0 with Motion Capture on the Web .

Read about the new animation HERE.

View KAL's newest animation HERE.

KAL has joined the blogosphere. The Economist.com's blog "Democracy in Action" will be receiving regular posts from its editorial cartoonist KAL. The first contribution titled ' Bald Eagles" can be found HERE.

Starting September 2007 KAL will be pointing his wicked pen at the images, pictures and personas of the American political scene on a regular basis. Check out KAL's Economist.com postings HERE.

Hear KAL

During a visit to San Francisco this past spring, Kal was a featured guest at the Commonwealth Club. He participated in an interesting panel discussion with Bay are cartoonists Tom Meyer and Mark Fiore. You can listen to the discussion HERE

April 2007

The World Wide Web premiere of the Digital Dubya is now available for view on www.Economist.com.

You can see the video HERE

The 2 minute video was commissioned by The Economist to promote the launch of a gallery of KAL's editorial cartoons on The Economist's website. The "Kallery" contains an archive of KAL's weekly Economist cartoons dating back to January 2006. KAL has been the cartoonist for the prestigious international publication since March 1978.

The Digital Dubya video produced in a single day at The Imaging Research Center at UMBC. KAL continues to develop his novel digital puppet technology. In the months ahead Digital Dubya 3.0 will be unveiled featuring motion capture technology, face tracking and voice recognition software. New characters including Hillary Clinton, Arnold Schwazeneggar and others will be in operation by the summer.

Harvard Magazine has published a nice article featuring KAL and his latest venture into 3D animation. Read the article here .

The Kaltoons team would like to wish all visitors to this site a happy and healthy 2007.

Please come back and visit us often as we will be reporting the newest developments of the "Digital Dubya" throughout the year. We hope to develop new puppets and find new homes for this novel form of satire in the near future. You can see a short video intro here. Among the developments for the site in 2007 will be a large archive of previously published Economist cartoons available in March.

KAL's most recent collection KAL Draws Criticism is now avilable in select bookstores or online here
KAL Draws Criticism is now available at Saltydog Books and Music in St Michael's Md

Thursday August 31 Kal was a special guest on WAMU's The Kojo Nnandi Show discussing
his new foray into the world of 3D animation. You can listen in to the KAL segment Here

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